F. Heller, C. Hermle, S. Saral
Programmiertes Entwerfen 1

Circular gradient concept

The second concept we started is characterized by its circular design. The different design elements are integrated into each other which is enforced by the fill colors being slightly translucent. We wanted to keep a minimalistic and clean design with only the city name and the temperature being displayed typographically.


DIN A0 print, 84,1cm x 118,9cm


Overview of the concept sheet


Legend parameters Humidity: The bigger the circle, the more humidity. Temperature: The bigger and the more red the circle, the higher the temperature. Cloudiness: Represents the base circle, doesn't get bigger, cloudiness represented by the gradient only. Winddirection: 360 degrees representation: 0 being north, 90 east, 180 south and 270 west.