L. Miller, J. Dähn, Y. Polster, L. Friesinger
Programmiertes Entwerfen 1

I. Project - ALGORITHM

Predefined Algorithms

Inspired by the documentation of the different algorithms we decided to recreate them.

The algorithms:

  • Five Long Lines
  • The DLA Assembler
  • The Beach

Five Long Lines

Four players, four colors, simultaneous drawing

  1. Draw one long line during 1.5 hours
  2. The pen may not leave the paper
  3. You may stop for 5 seconds without lifting the pen
  4. Do not cross any other lines
Own variation
  • Four different Colors with same stroke width
  • Figurative drawing style

The DLA Assembler


Four players, different colors, clockwise turns

  1. Circle at random pos.
  2. Dot at random pos.
  3. Line to center of closest circle
  4. New circle touching the intersection made before
  5. Stop: Coral Reef
Our variation
  • Circles are filled
  • size is randomized

The Beach


Four players, four colors, clockwise turns

  1. Place a dot
  2. Place a dot in the centre of the largest empty space on the paper
  3. Stop: beach is crowded
Our variation
  • Usage of different stroke widths and lengths