Bianca W., Julia S., Maike K., Sarah D., Simon S.
Programmiertes Entwerfen 1

Another challenge at the end of the semester was visualizing weather data in a intuitive and appealing way. We came across the idea of visualizing the current temperatures and time of cities of all timezones across the world. Based on the design of our "Color Splash" algorithm, the result is following...

It is built as a clock, so you can not only see the temperature of the city but also what time it is. We used the name of the airports to keep it short and minimalistic. The circle marks 0°C, we chose colors to show the difference - the redder the dot, the warmer it is. We have a day and night function, so when you click you can switch between day and night. The colors invert (white background for day, black background for night). For example, when it's past 12pm in Berlin the city switches to daytime, which means the city disappears when you're on night time.