Bianca W., Julia S., Maike K., Sarah D., Simon S.
Programmiertes Entwerfen 1


Play with four players. Each player picks a color and gets a pen and sticker dots in the chosen color. The players also need a black pen and dots and something to determine a random position on the sheet, for example something to throw (like a hair tie, rubber, etc.). Do step 2 one after the other.

  1. Draw a filled black circle in the middle of your sheet. Very slightly draw a bigger circle around the other one with a pencil (no fill!).
  2. Determine a random position on the paper. Place a sticker dot. Draw a line from the sticker to the black circle in the middle -> If your dot is placed outside of the big light circle, use your black pen and dots. Otherwise use your colored pen and dots.
  3. Stop drawing when the dots/lines are placed evenly.