3D Character Design by Fabian Heller

The turntable video made for the final presentation.

The goal in '3D Character Design' was to design and model a believable character in 3D. But before even starting to model in Maya or any other 3D-Software, there were other things to look at: developing a background story for the character, searching for reference pictures for the look, building variations.

My character, 'Eve', is inspired by the movie 'Hancock'. Will Smith embodies the complete opposite of a classical hero: A failed hero that isn't accepted by society. Accordingly, the style of my character should be casual and urban, even somewhat shabby. Reference pictures helped me further define the look of my character.

I drew variations in Photoshop, on the one hand for a realistic look, on the other hand for a stylized look, which I chose in the end. Overall, I wanted to achieve a Blizzard'ish look (e.g. 'Overwatch'). Especially the modeling of the head was time consuming, but at the same time a lot of fun. The weekly feedback and guidance from Prof. Markus Lauterbach was a big help there. At the end of the semester, my first 3D model ever was finished and the turntable showcase video was made.

The finished 3D character model of EVE.


Treatment: Background story and inspirational pictures in a compact overview.


Realistic head variations


Stylized head variations (#1 chosen)


Reference imported in Maya for the actual modeling.


Clothing concepts (#1 chosen)